Friday, October 31, 2008

Love or hate/derision or empathy? Your choice !

I am troubled with how much judgement and blame seems to be aimed at people feeling the continued impact of the financial meltdown. The people losing their homes and jobs. Any one of us could find ourselves in their situations and there will be many more of us in the same 'boat' before it's over. In order to survive what's coming we will all need each other - skills, knowledge, leadership, ability to be a part of a team - think of it: every person is a 'resource' - we each have a base of knowledge that no other has; a wealth of information when utilized within a group of people - so what good is it to stomp on another for his/her misfortune when they most likely have many things in their base of knowledge which could help our communities? When busy judging and looking down upon, we can rarely perceive the gift that may have just come into our lifes - please don't feed the angry judgement when, but for the roulette wheel of fortune, it could have been or may be you, me or someone we know and the times to come, it will be important to remember, none of us will have all we want or need - if we all understand that basic bit of information we can offer what we can to the situation/each other and not take the rest the meantime save your empty toilet paper 'tubes', fill them with lint from the dryer and save them in case you ever need to build a fire...... and here's a useful tidbit if you have no fruit in winter to supply yourselves with Vit C:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Most Immediate Crisis - little time left

well, now i know what i’m looking at and Naomi Wolf leaves me little to wonder about, except, ' why?'; yes, it’s worth the time:
(caveat: i don't recommend her 'solution')

everything else vying for our attention would seem a diversion !

do the homework and read:
you may be surprised or the information may support your own suspicions

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Edge of November

I admit I've been preoccupied with ferreting out information related to the 'crisis'; to find out what's happening 'behind the scenes'; you know, the things you won't find being reported on major news stations; sometimes there are small blips at off hours, like the early hours a.m. and then not reported again during peak public watching/listening hours. Was horrified to see the house was threatened by Paulson with declaration of martial law if they didn't pass the bailout bill last week. Talk about strong arming...................see:
And then to find out, the bail out bill included nullification of upside limits of loans to foreign banks and yes, that's right - some of the 700 billion will be going to foreign banks; I don't recall that possibility being a part of the information I got when the bailout was being 'debated'. At this point, I am wondering if the move by Russia into the Georgia region and blurbs I heard about their looking to organize the east with a similar organization to the UN and World Org was a protectionistic move (and show of strength) against what's going on now with the Big 8. Interesting. I think there is alot more going on worldwide politically than meets the eye and anyway 'you' cut it, it's going to bite us in the _ss !