Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wizards in the heat of collapse

Question: What does what we are seeing/being told say about the big picture ?

I've been doing alot of reading; writings of people much smarter than I am about financials/economics. There seem to be two predominant groups: one saying wake up, the math doesn't work for the touted recovery expected 'soon'. And two: the group that says there are signs showing there will be recovery, albeit a slow one. Then there are some screaming bloody murder about the stupidity of political and corporate wizards thinking/instituting the current mode to recovery ie. paper money printing with new financial/economic warlords. Okay most of these actions being taken are good for the corporate world and squeezing the average citizen with a whole lot of their money 'disappearing' into financial never never land. That, in itself, diverts attention away from the big picture; people have daily survival on their minds. Another faction is saying outright, the PTB are downright stupid. Others say they are doing the best they can. Personally, I don't believe there is stupidity being exercised but I would very much like to know what is being withheld, cause things just don't add up.

Overall, the big picture looks to me like, there is a deliberate move to make America poor and at the same time I see significant efforts to incorporate more laws to potentially exercise more control over world populations. If that's true, and the PTB aren't 'stupid', then what would be the reason for it ? I think we need some cool heads, disregarding the propaganda to figure it out. In my opinion, it's about more than greed; it's about survival of the fittest and having enough resources to start over with enough minions to serve. So is there information the average person doesn't have access to or is it about the nearly 7 billion inhabitants on a planet with resources that will only support 8 billion ? Hmmmmmm now where did I put my crystal ball ?