Wednesday, May 27, 2009

News isn't news anymore;

it's a marketing tool, selling and manipulating adaptive social change/thinking. It can be rather amusing seeing it from this perspective. And we can each choose what group we want to belong to, too: those who are prepared and those who aren't and won't be. You can hear, sometimes on the same station, a stat that says the economy has turned a corner. And an hour later, another stat that says the opposite. Spend money; save money. Buy stocks and goods. Don't buy and save instead. Don't worry; be happy ! See ?

News outlets aren't independent of corporate America anymore and the corps need us to spend and produce to keep their paradigm intact. What investment does corporate America have in telling us the truth? Humpty Dumpty may still be sitting on the wall but the cracks are massive and tell a tale of their own. Shake the air and soon we'll all see the thousands of itty bitty pieces where we live and in the streets. Not quite time for that yet; there are still a few things to put in place before we find the rug pulled out from under middle America, completely. Give it a whirl and try watching the news with this in mind and see what you think !