Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What are the statistics on false hope?

All around me I hear people expecting a miracle to extricate us from the economic repercussions coming our way; more people than not turning a blind eye and mind from the coming hardships; refusing to prepare, as if doing so, will lend credence to the inevitability. So instead of holding hope of survival in the hands of their own preparations, they'd rather wring them and hold onto false hope, doing virtually nothing to ensure their best chances. And then there is the group still looking through rose colored glasses, keeping in mind something 'bad' is happening but 'if you pray all will be well'. The fewer prepared the more the likelihood of so much civil unrest the government will have no other choice but to declare a National/or FEMA style emergency, in the hope of holding a deteriorating nation together. Please do yourselves a favor and learn how to build a fire; you may need the skill in coming times.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ready or not; here it comes:

When I posted elsewhere, I’d realized I needed to spend some time quieting my inner self and adapting my mind and emotions, I thought I was addressing a need to ‘ready’ myself for the coming change in the landscape of this country/this world. True, but not in the way I thought. Imagine my surprise when I found, instead, a grieving already in process and gave myself to understanding it. Grieving for my country on its deathbed, as I’ve known it; grieving for those who are unawakened for whatever reason; grieving for my children and the hardship they will face through more years than I have left to live. All of it; yes the anger too. I realized looking back over the time since I originally discovered http://www.fromthewilderness.com/, the stages of grief I have already passed through, where I am now and what I have left to do. If I can get well into stage 7 before TSHTF the more able I’ll be when it does.

Grieving is something we all have to do alone, in large part, but there is comfort in sharing the experience with others that grieve or have grieved. (A special thank you to all who have helped by sharing your grief.) If we are to be ready to give what we have to share in the coming 'mainstreet' crisis, it is important to let go of as much grief as possible; it takes too much energy away from more immediate concerns and disables the griever from contribution to the community they 'belong' to. "Physician, heal thyself" would seem to apply here. We must all apply ourselves to the task of eliminating whatever grief lies fallow and unaddressed in each of us. Let it go and prepare.

All signs point to the 'bandaides' not staying on as financial 'fixers' past next spring; if they do, I'll be more than amazed.

Tidbit: on any given day, there is not more than 2 weeks worth of supplies on the shelves of local grocers............are you ready, should there be any disruption of continued supply in stores?............are you ready, should there be any disruption of energy supplied to your homes for heat and cooking etc. ?

title on the above link:
Impact of Credit Crisis on the Energy Industry - Where Are We Now?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Saddling up for the ride !

Ok I have finally gotten some boxes to start the packing and have emptied 4 plastic bins of yarn for the packing of less sturdy items. Since most of the sorting has been done, the packing is just a tedious business but ultimately doesn't take as long as said sorting. The culling will begin when I have all my personal things in one place. Then I can start allocating to whom they will go, assuming the recipients want them ! lol Can't take it all with me so this is the best option. Otherwise, lots will be donated to needy facilities or I have 1 sister who responded with a loud 'yes, I'll take whatever you can't 'carry with you' or 'nobody else wants'. She is special :-) ..........No response yet from anyone else.
I've also packed my backpack with herbs, so that's done and ready to go. The rest is on the 'to do list' and I should have plenty of time over the long Thanksgiving weekend to get the rest done. Hopefully, anyway ! I'll know more specifically the 'depart' date next week sometime so things are coming together slowly, but surely. Hi! Ho! Silver !

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Call for Action Part III

Ok so you’ve read Part I and Part II. When you read them did you nod your head in agreement ? Did you hit your email compose button and pass it on? Did you think of at least one person of a different ethnicity and commit to having a conversation with them about the subject of these missives? Agreement without action is pretty much the status quo; what’s been going on for years. The majority in it’s silence have allowed the ethnic divides to remain brewing in the background, snaking themselves in, out and around every corner of our national community, while many insist racism doesn’t exist. It’s time to make some noise, take action, let it be known we stand by and for each other. Have you imagined a few instances that could happen and thought about what you may say or do?

It is a good time for celebration; as a nation we have crossed a barrier and taken a huge step toward moving forward toward true equality and creating real community. You know, where all are considered brothers and sisters to one another. But in your joy, I would ask you take a moment to think about the hate groups that have been, for the most part, quiet for many years. Last tuesdays hallmark in American history has the potential to bring them out of the woodwork and if they can’t get to our new President they may, in their cowardly way, target the race. If we don’t have the courage to speak up, stand with and/or step in, the minority hate mongers will succeed. It’s up to us. If you agree and have the courage please take some kind of action and at least prepare yourselves if someone needs you. Will it be courage or the status quo? It’s our choice.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Call for Action Part II

Silent Americans: it's time to speak. The voices of many are loud. One voice alone isn't.

It would be nice to see a movement of predominantly small actions such as accompanying ‘endangered’ races (isn’t that all of us?) on outings at night when the hate mongers, under cover of darkness are the most dangerous and treacherous, as well as letting it be known we don’t condone, nor will we stand idly by when we see a hate exchange taking place, at any level. It means speaking up, standing with, and stepping in. Really, it doesn’t require a lot of courage; it only takes knowing what is right and proudly demonstrating that belief.

I don’t even want to think about what the hate groups are saying, thinking, planning today. It is imperative this message go out loud and clear so we can show this minority the rest of us are organizing and in no uncertain terms, not only out number them but we will not stand for, nor do we agree with their hate based actions. They work in the dark and count on no one knowing who committed their abhorrent deeds.

We must be prepared to act and soon. Otherwise, they and our ongoing silence will continue to divide us and perpetuate the racial divides. Just as each of our votes spoke volumes so will the small actions of speaking up, standing with and stepping in. What we do and say can mean the world to someone and to our future as Americans. Pass it forward ! Do something today ! When we go to bed tonight who of us can say: 'I spoke up, I stood with or I stepped in?'

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Call for Action

There is a community near where I live that had an incident of prejudice against a Jewish member of the community. The housing community in which they live is mostly Christian. The community, as a whole, went out and purchased menorahs, set them in their windows and lit them, showing their abhorrence of the hate driven action taken against this family. The recipients of this action were not left wondering which members of their community wanted them dead.

We may need more of this kind of action and more active participation against the actions of similar hate groups, in lieu of the historic election of our first African American President. Let us join together in finding out how we can help snuff out this hatred and let our non prejudice shine instead of quietly peeking out from behind the curtain of safety.

Talk to your neighbors, friends, family, strangers and devise a plan. It is time for unity and standing with our fellow man against hatred and prejudice. Stand up and be counted !

If you agree and have the courage to act , please pass this on; and for Gods sake begin to speak your views to others outside your race !

one white american wondering who else feels the same way
I would love to hear from you

Friday, October 31, 2008

Love or hate/derision or empathy? Your choice !

I am troubled with how much judgement and blame seems to be aimed at people feeling the continued impact of the financial meltdown. The people losing their homes and jobs. Any one of us could find ourselves in their situations and there will be many more of us in the same 'boat' before it's over. In order to survive what's coming we will all need each other - skills, knowledge, leadership, ability to be a part of a team - think of it: every person is a 'resource' - we each have a base of knowledge that no other has; a wealth of information when utilized within a group of people - so what good is it to stomp on another for his/her misfortune when they most likely have many things in their base of knowledge which could help our communities? When busy judging and looking down upon, we can rarely perceive the gift that may have just come into our lifes - please don't feed the angry judgement when, but for the roulette wheel of fortune, it could have been or may be you, me or someone we know and love....................in the times to come, it will be important to remember, none of us will have all we want or need - if we all understand that basic bit of information we can offer what we can to the situation/each other and not take the rest personally...............in the meantime save your empty toilet paper 'tubes', fill them with lint from the dryer and save them in case you ever need to build a fire...... and here's a useful tidbit if you have no fruit in winter to supply yourselves with Vit C: http://1stholistic.com/Recipes/A2005/recipe_herbal-teas-pine-needle-tea.htm

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Most Immediate Crisis - little time left

well, now i know what i’m looking at and Naomi Wolf leaves me little to wonder about, except, ' why?'; yes, it’s worth the time:

(caveat: i don't recommend her 'solution')

everything else vying for our attention would seem a diversion !

do the homework and read:

you may be surprised or the information may support your own suspicions

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Edge of November

I admit I've been preoccupied with ferreting out information related to the 'crisis'; to find out what's happening 'behind the scenes'; you know, the things you won't find being reported on major news stations; sometimes there are small blips at off hours, like the early hours a.m. and then not reported again during peak public watching/listening hours. Was horrified to see the house was threatened by Paulson with declaration of martial law if they didn't pass the bailout bill last week. Talk about strong arming...................see: http://towardfreedom.com/home/content/view/1429/54/
And then to find out, the bail out bill included nullification of upside limits of loans to foreign banks and yes, that's right - some of the 700 billion will be going to foreign banks; I don't recall that possibility being a part of the information I got when the bailout was being 'debated'. At this point, I am wondering if the move by Russia into the Georgia region and blurbs I heard about their looking to organize the east with a similar organization to the UN and World Org was a protectionistic move (and show of strength) against what's going on now with the Big 8. Interesting. I think there is alot more going on worldwide politically than meets the eye and anyway 'you' cut it, it's going to bite us in the _ss !

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We know not the misery that marches toward us

Well this would seem a good time to speak more directly to what's coming since so many are still 'asleep'.

I'm afraid there are way too many people who don't know what the meltdown in the markets really means to us. They don't even have the advantage of watching it develop over the past 9 years, understanding what they were seeing and preparing themselves mentally and emotionally, let alone tangible preps. I've talked about it, been looked at askance, been called a conspiracy theorist, an alarmist and generally flicked aside like an annoying fly. What will happen to those I love that refused to hear? I don't know and many of them are too far away for me to help when things get really tough. Their survival skills, few. Some have heard and have done their homework so all was not useless noise I uttered into many an ear. Some consolation I suppose. For those that want to do what they can now, read: http://www.fromthewilderness.com/ and do what you can, while you can.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Simmering September

I think my creative mind is in simmer mode and ready to break out with free form crochet in granny square format for some swap partners in colors of their choice; should be lots of fun and satisfying for my artistic urge too :-)

Today was Joanns Fabric day for the yarn needed to make a rasta hat for my little 2nd grade friend - colors: green, yellow, orange and red ! the design is one of Teresa Richardsons and lovely !

I requested some yarn on my local recycle for the donation projects I have going and someone gifted me with nearly 100 skeins of unused yarn! Heaven shone down on me that day and now I'm working on donation squares, more with angels in the middle and some I have planned with bears and dolphins; others, traditional patterns. Continuing the fingerless gloves for the homeless and am aiming for 100 pr for our local homeless shelter in various sizes, including childrens sized gloves. This week I plan to play with the pattern a bit with different weight yarns and hooks. Some new pics will be posted later today on my flicker album and in ravelry for anyone who would like a look see. <http://www.flickr.com/photos/29049978@N08/>

And the organizing project continues at a grueling pace. arghhhhhh Slow but sure; once the paper stuff is done the rest should be a cinch ! I think it's nearly done but with so much paper everywhere in different piles it's hard to tell! It will be sooooooo nice not to have so much stuff bursting out all over. My grandfather would have called my closets 'fibbermagee' closets ie. open the door and take your chances on everything falling out on the head of the hapless person daring to do such a thing lolol There is less overall stuff already since one of my sisters came by and picked up alot of things I thought she and hers would enjoy ie. holiday decorations, some ceramic items (fountain, angel etc), old family things and oodles of photos, so already progress can be noted (except for the paper stuff that's driving me crazy lololol). I still haven't even started on the bedroom storage hide-a-ways yet ! (at least there's no paper stuff in there lolol)

And line dance classes are just so much fun and great exercise too. The music for most of the dances does something nourishing to the soul and it calls you to move to it so having the option of learning the associated line dance is fantastic since this old dog has trouble learning new
tricks ! :-) Of course, it's a great counter balance for all the seated crochet and computer cruising I do :-) Luckily I have a girlfriend I see a couple times a week for extra practice sooooo that takes care of the 3 X's a week exercise recommended by the Dr !

Ok off to upload some new pics. I'm actually in a contest with one of my friends for who gets their pics posted first! ahem Brenda did i win yet? lolol

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Header Pic and other things !

I fell in love with this potholder design when I discovered it here: http://web.archive.org/web/20041111053853/http://www.splynda.com/free_patterns/picasso/picasso.htm AND this is the gals blog that so kindly took the antique potholder apart in order to provide the pattern: http://timelesscreations.blogspot.com/2005/09/here-it-is-picasso-potholder.html

The links above don't work anymore for the pattern so here it is:
#10 Crochet Cotton and #7 hook
You make 3 strips. The strips are worked with single crochet (sc) in the back loops of the previous row. This makes it stretchy like ribbing in a sweater.
Row 1: Ch 2, 3 sc in 2nd ch from hk, ch 1,turn.
Row 2: Sc in same place and in each st across, ch1, turn. (3 sts)
Row 3: 2 sc in the same place, and in each st across, ch 1, turn. (4 sts)
Row 4: Sc in same place and in each st across, ch1, turn. (4 sts)
Row 5: 2 sc in same place (back loop remember) and in each st across, ch 1 turn (5 sts)
Continue in this fashion (repeating rows 4 and 5) until there are 14 stitches, then work even until the strip is about 9" long. Then break the thread and finish it off.
The edging goes on the edge where the increases were made. edging:
Row 1: Working evenly along the side of the strip (I put my sc in the low part of the rows) sc, ch 3 and repeat to the end of the strip.
The edging goes on the edge where the increases were made. edging:
Row 1: Working evenly along the side of the strip (I put my sc in the low part of the rows) sc, ch 3 and repeat to the end of the strip.
Row 2: sc in the ch 3 space, ch 3, sc in the 3rd st from hk (making a picot), ch1, sc in next ch 3 sp. Do this to the end, break thread and finish off. Actually any pretty little edging would work.

Now, sew the three large ends of the strips together with sewing thread. After that, wrap the strips making the pot holder as round as possible. Sew with thread.

The back is just a circle of double crochets. Stitch the back to the front hiding the stitches under the edging. Even if the front isn't exactly round, the round back can be eased on, press it, and it will be fine. Cover a ring with single crochet, and attach it for hanging. TIP: With red sewing thread, gather the straight side! It will curl right up in the position you want. After sewing a strip on, take out the red thread.
I then found one made up in blue by: Fran Doreham of Arlington, TX (which just happens to be my favorite color)! Ergo, it has become my header so I can look at it whenever I choose. Looking at it makes me feel happy, lighthearted and creative!

This past week someone suggested a great way to use yarn tails about 3" or more in length using the weavers knot. What an adventure it's been attempting to learn this knot in order to make those tails useful. Originally I was using them to put out for the birds to aid nest building, until I learned that unnatural fibers are bad bad bad for them! So now just the tails of 100% cotton goes out for my winged friends :-) My first attempts at this knot have been weak; you know the first part of the learning curve is steep, afterall. So my first ball of refugee yarn is pretty funny looking and I intend to use it for a dishcloth. My weavers knot friend says my dishes won't mind all the knots in it and in fact they come in handy for cleaning bit's of food that don't want to exit the surface they are residing upon. Thanks Brenda !

My latest frustration has been having to divide my time between crocheting and reorganizing closets and all those 'tuck away' places we have in our homes. So many crochet projects and life just keeps demanding I give other things my attention. Phooey ! It does feel good to lighten the load of things in my possession so that part is ok - it's just getting it done that seems sooooooooooo painful ! I guess I just don't have the mind for it :-) Now some people are organizing maestros - well I need an organizing guru or some organizing junkie that wants to come do it for or with me ! lolol To make the process easier freecycle is my new friend except for some family stuff that one of my sisters is coming to fetch for her gang. And paper; of my! oh my! I seem to have reams of it with various kinds of information written, typed and scribbled upon it. Do I really need all of it? Well I can't answer that until I go through all of it first = Oh God will I survive the task? I just have wayyyyyyyyy too much STUFF !

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Well with the aid of techno help I finally have the comment box under the posts which only took the weekend to figure out ! sheesh! On to bigger and crochetier things. I think I'm going to make more fingerless gloves for the homeless shelter this year out of my stash. And stay on the hunt for more yarn since I doubt I have enough for more than about 10 more pair. In the meantime searching for a great easy pattern for them should keep me occupied along with my other projects :-) I'm not crazy about the pattern I've been using. If anyone knows of an easy pattern for fingerless gloves please post it for me and I'll be ever grateful as will some homeless folks. The almanac predicts a veryyyyyyyyyy cold winter in the northeast!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Quick Update

Check this out: http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,161,151179-225203,00.html%20/ Someone gave me this link while in chatroom and I think it sounds toooooooo funny but yes I'll be making them - why?...... just because i want to try it; bug balls the size of meatballs.....the idea of it makes me laugh. I have no more time to give blog today; have to get busy with the dish promised for the bbq later today (which should have been done yesterday!) - and 'no' to the wise guys who may be thinking I'm taking bug balls to the bbq - I'm taking real food ! lol ...ok later gators :-)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Right Angles

When life is in right angle mode I really must remember to look around the corner ! More on that another time.

Let's see; since last I posted there has been a line dance class birthday party that was great fun with fabulous food and people. I'm still working on the afghans, made another soap sachet, more granny squares for donating (a few with an angel in the center) and a yo yo granny in progress. The project I most want to get to sooner than later is something crocheted with plastic bag yarn aka plarn for those who haven't heard the term yet (it was new to me a few months ago). Finally decided on a method for cutting them into strips and THEN got sidetracked on an old sheet that has a tear in it and decided it MUST be recycled too! So now that's in the process of being readied to 'strip' for a project (though I haven't a clue what I'll make with it yet).

Oh and also I'm on the hunt for a crocheted shopping bag pattern that is big buttttttttttttttt big horizontally, not vertically ie. will expand more sideways than lengthwise. So far no luck - perhaps there is no such thing?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Musings and 'did' list

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

So today I have crocheted an angel, a small sachet, worked on an afghan for someone special and a few granny squares of various sizes for donations. A little time was spent wondering why some people are soooooooooo rigid they hamper the free flow of ideas between people. However most of the people I know are beautiful people who love to share ideas about most anything and I appreciate them immensely; including my internet friends' ! :-)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

what a day!

Finally i got this blog created. Gads, how frustrating ! Now i just have to figure out how to use it - we'll have to see how this goes which will have to wait for another day since i haven't any crocheting done yet for this day. Working on squares, 2 afghans, fancy dishcloth and a sachet. Project list is wayyyyyyy too long to list today.