Saturday, September 27, 2008

We know not the misery that marches toward us

Well this would seem a good time to speak more directly to what's coming since so many are still 'asleep'.

I'm afraid there are way too many people who don't know what the meltdown in the markets really means to us. They don't even have the advantage of watching it develop over the past 9 years, understanding what they were seeing and preparing themselves mentally and emotionally, let alone tangible preps. I've talked about it, been looked at askance, been called a conspiracy theorist, an alarmist and generally flicked aside like an annoying fly. What will happen to those I love that refused to hear? I don't know and many of them are too far away for me to help when things get really tough. Their survival skills, few. Some have heard and have done their homework so all was not useless noise I uttered into many an ear. Some consolation I suppose. For those that want to do what they can now, read: and do what you can, while you can.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Simmering September

I think my creative mind is in simmer mode and ready to break out with free form crochet in granny square format for some swap partners in colors of their choice; should be lots of fun and satisfying for my artistic urge too :-)

Today was Joanns Fabric day for the yarn needed to make a rasta hat for my little 2nd grade friend - colors: green, yellow, orange and red ! the design is one of Teresa Richardsons and lovely !

I requested some yarn on my local recycle for the donation projects I have going and someone gifted me with nearly 100 skeins of unused yarn! Heaven shone down on me that day and now I'm working on donation squares, more with angels in the middle and some I have planned with bears and dolphins; others, traditional patterns. Continuing the fingerless gloves for the homeless and am aiming for 100 pr for our local homeless shelter in various sizes, including childrens sized gloves. This week I plan to play with the pattern a bit with different weight yarns and hooks. Some new pics will be posted later today on my flicker album and in ravelry for anyone who would like a look see. <>

And the organizing project continues at a grueling pace. arghhhhhh Slow but sure; once the paper stuff is done the rest should be a cinch ! I think it's nearly done but with so much paper everywhere in different piles it's hard to tell! It will be sooooooo nice not to have so much stuff bursting out all over. My grandfather would have called my closets 'fibbermagee' closets ie. open the door and take your chances on everything falling out on the head of the hapless person daring to do such a thing lolol There is less overall stuff already since one of my sisters came by and picked up alot of things I thought she and hers would enjoy ie. holiday decorations, some ceramic items (fountain, angel etc), old family things and oodles of photos, so already progress can be noted (except for the paper stuff that's driving me crazy lololol). I still haven't even started on the bedroom storage hide-a-ways yet ! (at least there's no paper stuff in there lolol)

And line dance classes are just so much fun and great exercise too. The music for most of the dances does something nourishing to the soul and it calls you to move to it so having the option of learning the associated line dance is fantastic since this old dog has trouble learning new
tricks ! :-) Of course, it's a great counter balance for all the seated crochet and computer cruising I do :-) Luckily I have a girlfriend I see a couple times a week for extra practice sooooo that takes care of the 3 X's a week exercise recommended by the Dr !

Ok off to upload some new pics. I'm actually in a contest with one of my friends for who gets their pics posted first! ahem Brenda did i win yet? lolol

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Header Pic and other things !

I fell in love with this potholder design when I discovered it here: AND this is the gals blog that so kindly took the antique potholder apart in order to provide the pattern:

The links above don't work anymore for the pattern so here it is:
#10 Crochet Cotton and #7 hook
You make 3 strips. The strips are worked with single crochet (sc) in the back loops of the previous row. This makes it stretchy like ribbing in a sweater.
Row 1: Ch 2, 3 sc in 2nd ch from hk, ch 1,turn.
Row 2: Sc in same place and in each st across, ch1, turn. (3 sts)
Row 3: 2 sc in the same place, and in each st across, ch 1, turn. (4 sts)
Row 4: Sc in same place and in each st across, ch1, turn. (4 sts)
Row 5: 2 sc in same place (back loop remember) and in each st across, ch 1 turn (5 sts)
Continue in this fashion (repeating rows 4 and 5) until there are 14 stitches, then work even until the strip is about 9" long. Then break the thread and finish it off.
The edging goes on the edge where the increases were made. edging:
Row 1: Working evenly along the side of the strip (I put my sc in the low part of the rows) sc, ch 3 and repeat to the end of the strip.
The edging goes on the edge where the increases were made. edging:
Row 1: Working evenly along the side of the strip (I put my sc in the low part of the rows) sc, ch 3 and repeat to the end of the strip.
Row 2: sc in the ch 3 space, ch 3, sc in the 3rd st from hk (making a picot), ch1, sc in next ch 3 sp. Do this to the end, break thread and finish off. Actually any pretty little edging would work.

Now, sew the three large ends of the strips together with sewing thread. After that, wrap the strips making the pot holder as round as possible. Sew with thread.

The back is just a circle of double crochets. Stitch the back to the front hiding the stitches under the edging. Even if the front isn't exactly round, the round back can be eased on, press it, and it will be fine. Cover a ring with single crochet, and attach it for hanging. TIP: With red sewing thread, gather the straight side! It will curl right up in the position you want. After sewing a strip on, take out the red thread.
I then found one made up in blue by: Fran Doreham of Arlington, TX (which just happens to be my favorite color)! Ergo, it has become my header so I can look at it whenever I choose. Looking at it makes me feel happy, lighthearted and creative!

This past week someone suggested a great way to use yarn tails about 3" or more in length using the weavers knot. What an adventure it's been attempting to learn this knot in order to make those tails useful. Originally I was using them to put out for the birds to aid nest building, until I learned that unnatural fibers are bad bad bad for them! So now just the tails of 100% cotton goes out for my winged friends :-) My first attempts at this knot have been weak; you know the first part of the learning curve is steep, afterall. So my first ball of refugee yarn is pretty funny looking and I intend to use it for a dishcloth. My weavers knot friend says my dishes won't mind all the knots in it and in fact they come in handy for cleaning bit's of food that don't want to exit the surface they are residing upon. Thanks Brenda !

My latest frustration has been having to divide my time between crocheting and reorganizing closets and all those 'tuck away' places we have in our homes. So many crochet projects and life just keeps demanding I give other things my attention. Phooey ! It does feel good to lighten the load of things in my possession so that part is ok - it's just getting it done that seems sooooooooooo painful ! I guess I just don't have the mind for it :-) Now some people are organizing maestros - well I need an organizing guru or some organizing junkie that wants to come do it for or with me ! lolol To make the process easier freecycle is my new friend except for some family stuff that one of my sisters is coming to fetch for her gang. And paper; of my! oh my! I seem to have reams of it with various kinds of information written, typed and scribbled upon it. Do I really need all of it? Well I can't answer that until I go through all of it first = Oh God will I survive the task? I just have wayyyyyyyyy too much STUFF !

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Well with the aid of techno help I finally have the comment box under the posts which only took the weekend to figure out ! sheesh! On to bigger and crochetier things. I think I'm going to make more fingerless gloves for the homeless shelter this year out of my stash. And stay on the hunt for more yarn since I doubt I have enough for more than about 10 more pair. In the meantime searching for a great easy pattern for them should keep me occupied along with my other projects :-) I'm not crazy about the pattern I've been using. If anyone knows of an easy pattern for fingerless gloves please post it for me and I'll be ever grateful as will some homeless folks. The almanac predicts a veryyyyyyyyyy cold winter in the northeast!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Quick Update

Check this out:,161,151179-225203,00.html%20/ Someone gave me this link while in chatroom and I think it sounds toooooooo funny but yes I'll be making them - why?...... just because i want to try it; bug balls the size of meatballs.....the idea of it makes me laugh. I have no more time to give blog today; have to get busy with the dish promised for the bbq later today (which should have been done yesterday!) - and 'no' to the wise guys who may be thinking I'm taking bug balls to the bbq - I'm taking real food ! lol ...ok later gators :-)