Friday, January 23, 2009

Where are the facts and are they worth knowing ?

I read this several days ago:

Perfect Space Storm Could be Catastrophic on Earth, Study Concludes By Robert Roy Britt, Editorial Director posted: 07 January 2009 09:03 am ET A new study from the National Academy of Sciences

and there is that date again: '2012'.
Ok so what facts do we have about the year 2012. I see lots of prophecies and conjecture but how about scientific fact ? There seems to be enough to satisfy my need for it, relative to sunspots/cycles etc. but definitely not enough re: proposed pole shift in 2012. However, I have seen some interesting blurbs by scientists over the last several years; just no legitimate articles or studies I can find to do some in depth reading to see what I think about the scientific 'evidence' that may have been submitted. Only a scant few pieces of information re: from soil samples/ice core samples showing pull of gravity lessens prior to a pole shift/astronomers showing the alignment of the sun and several planets with the center of the milky way (where there just happens to be a black hole)/gravity has lessened over the past 10 + yrs or so and now an anomaly the size of a medium sized nation in the Atlantic Ocean south of the equator with the characteristics of gravity in the northern hemisphere.

Then I had a thought. If our government studies the sex life of fruit flies why wouldn't study of the issue of planetary line up and possible pole shift warrant more study? Well maybe it did. And maybe the results are broad in interpretation from: nothing happens to all hell breaks loose. If you were a leader of a country and knew something potentially calamitous was going to/might happen in a given time period, what would you do ? Talk to other nation leaders (since it would be a planet specific event not regional planet event) ? Would you inform the people you govern ?

I asked this question of several people and all concluded there would be no point in alerting people because there is nothing anyone could do to stop it nor any way to mitigate the consequences. And of course, if an alert was given, panic would ensue. That may be true for the 'masses', but do you believe nations wouldn't be trying to figure out how to survive with the pieces (and people) they have left, if any, to govern ?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dig it up !

If all you're doing is watching the news, you are missing the markers for what's coming to this country very soon. Our news outlets are very carefully monitored re: what they air. If we are told the truth before it's deemed we 'need to know', a panic would be difficult to control. There are alot of things being done/prepared under the 'umbrella' of terrorism, presumably of the foreign kind. But did you know, under the Patriot Act, anyone can be arbitrarily suspected of terrorism and all the individual rights we've been accustomed to become void, in those circumstances ie. you have no rights and there is no provision for accountability required by the government acting on it's 'suspicion' ?

Watch this case as it develops and note the level of authority exerted:
It should be interesting since the majority have no clue this kind of action is allowable under the Patriot Act, by Executive Order or Homeland Security Dept. directives.

And watch where our troops are stationed at home, as they return. Civil unrest is happening around the globe and increasing by the day from the global financial crisis. With more people out of jobs, unable to find new ones and losing their homes there will be many more going hungry here. More businesses, big and small, going out of business means more jobs lost and less goods to choose from. Soon you may not be able to communicate with loved ones as they disappear into the void of this global economic disaster. What plans have you made ? Hungry people will do most anything to survive and the more of the 'hungry us', the more threat of violence becomes more than just an idea. Then we will all experience less freedom than we have known in our past life in the USA.

So dig up the news that isn't being reported in the mainstream and read, so you aren't caught completely unaware. The next 90 days should be very interesting and revealing ie. what we can expect in the way of returning to the 'good 'ol days'. I'm not holding my breath. Bush/Cheney and gang left a mess leaving the new administration with few options.

Tidbit: non electric:
if you've canned foods and lost your heat, the canned goods aren't viable if they've frozen

Friday, January 9, 2009

Have you noticed ?

Remember after 9/11 the White House invited hollywood film/TV people to a closed door meeting with TPTB ? I remember thinking, at the time, how odd that seemed. Take a look and see what you think: History channels 1 and 2/Nat'l geographic etc. ie. economic depression/war chronicles/apocalypse/prophets/gangs and their history etc.; add to that, programming on Marine, Army and Navy Seal survival training along with Bear Grylls and Les Stoud survival shows. Update: tonight there was a 2 hour program on the History channel called: Black Blizzard (about the dust storms of the 1930's).

I've been taking notice of how many times a mental 'bell' goes off in my mind as I note various choices in channel programming. It seemed a subliminal message at first (2002), now more blatant; old history teaching old living lessons ? Attempting to acclimate the hardheaded among us to prepare for the coming hardships ? I first noticed a significant programming change after 9/11; really started coming full force around the December holidays 2008 when a program (loosely related to Depression 1929) covered all the economic news up through and including the end of October 2008, leaving the impression the worst is yet to come. I have never seen such a short prep time for a feature docu/type program, airing. At the very least, it seems an effort to frighten people to action.

And while I composed this, Barack Obama was speaking for the 3rd day in a row BEFORE his inauguration; his message: 'dire' consequences' related to the economic crisis if lawmakers don't pass his stimulus AND he isn't sure it will work. So preparing for 'dire' would seem sensible, no ? Cause if it isn't 'dire' it WILL be mighty uncomfortable, regardless of how well the govt handles this crisis. Can you see the avalanche barreling down the hill at you yet ?

Tidbit question: what is the unemployment rate today under the 'old system' of calculating same? my guess: we are already in double digit unemployment stats and already in an economic depression predicted to get much worse since we currently sit atop the tip of the economic iceberg................keep in mind, it's still melting

take a look:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

See how fast it can all change.

The countries present condition is so tenuous we are likely to experience this thoughout the regions; take a look:

From the oil drum blog (link on left)

if the link doesn't work, check the archives for the title/article:

Scenario 2020: The Future of Food in Mendocino County