Thursday, April 28, 2011

I am boycotting air travel

i am ashamed of this countries molestation of any customer not wishing to be exposed to harmful radiation: children, men, women - the latest: miss america having her vagina touched 4 times by tsa, amongst other invasions - before that an older man with 'tube' for his urine due to medical condition: he was reduced to tears when the tsa jogged the connection loose, with no regard for the related info he gave them, after which he had to walk toward his plane with urine running down his leg and soaking his clothes - if you are remaining silent about these atrocities, amongst many others, remember germany and how the 'rules' changed under oppressive govt 'policy' - mark these words: eventually, every person will have to be chipped in order to pass through roadblocks too, after regions are designated re: travel., no matter what kind ie. bus, train, plane, car, motorcycle etc and by the time tsa and homeland security are 'done', you will beg to be 'chipped'

tell me though, even if you see no reason to oppose the above, what do you think about the following: a mother seeks help from local agencies for her daughter - she is given medication = administers it as prescribed - notices the child does not respond well and decides to discontinue use - after the 'agency/dr' were told of the drug discontinuence, child protective services was notified, and a 'group' of agents in full battle regalia, with guns, show up at her home, take her child into custody and arrest her - by the way, they also brought a tank - yes a battle tank ! - they had to let her out when a lawyer she contacted presented a copy of the agreement the mother signed with the treating agency that she was not under any compulsion to continue the drug under any circumstances, should she wish for whatever reason to discontinue - she is still trying to retrieve her daughter - what country is this again ? certainly can't be the USA i used to love

Thursday, January 27, 2011

5th dimensional humor

What some call a 'lie', may be, to another, a conscious and aware construct with no purpose other than:

changing violent reality, into fun fantasy, for the purpose of maintaining sanity.

'tis important to acknowledge this 'coping' skill relative to 'others' :-)

Friday, April 30, 2010

What i know today:

Self doubt has been a curse and no longer has a place on my path. Iam listening, learning and becoming.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Do we know ?

Sometimes I think I've spoken in silence and found I've spoken aloud. Sometimes I think I've spoken aloud and found I've spoken in silence. Sometimes I 'hear' in silence when I think I've 'heard' aloud.... the world of vibration and light is a beautiful place while continually 'be-coming'. The world of the objective becomes beautiful in the 'knowing',too; at least for today :-) Preparing the garden for 'planting' and enjoying every moment. nameste

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Energies

With the earth now being outside of the protective heliosphere of the sun, we are open to more cosmic dust and energies flowing to us from space. When all is quiet, including the mind, it is palpable. Take a foray outside and it's like taking a shower. 'Tis important to 'collect' the benefits for future use as our minds become more open to capabilities only dreamed of, in days gone by. The sounds of silence are the doorway. Step through and enjoy your personal and renewed transformation. There are tools new to us, we need to practice using. Enjoy !

Monday, November 2, 2009


There is so much I don't speak, of what I see. Why ? Well, I suppose lots of people have different reasons for quietly going along and not speaking. Mine, at this point, is: I've already said it, time and again. What is the point in continuing ?

And, selfishly, I'm attempting to prepare myself for the horrific sights I'll witness as more people are hungry and will no longer be able to live at the level of integrity they are used to and may unsuccessfully strive to maintain, if they intend to survive.

I used to enjoy the sounds of silence. Now my own haunts me, at times.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Migrations Of The Brown Recluse

Someone I know in northern Ohio bitten by a brown recluse spider - luckily her husband caught a few of them, stuck them in a jar to take to the hospital since the Dr. kept insisting brown recluses are a southern bug - they are NOT native that far north ie. warmer climate spider - seen by game wardens in ohio at times moving en masse - my son nearly lost his leg, and has horrible scarring with some muscle missing, from a bite of this spider - keep the info in the back of your mind - weather is weird and some bugs are migrating it appears - nasty spider with a nasty bite - might want to look them up for more info if you live in area where generally not seen - like any spider, they don't much care if they live inside or out but colder weather in the north may coax them inside