Saturday, August 30, 2008

Right Angles

When life is in right angle mode I really must remember to look around the corner ! More on that another time.

Let's see; since last I posted there has been a line dance class birthday party that was great fun with fabulous food and people. I'm still working on the afghans, made another soap sachet, more granny squares for donating (a few with an angel in the center) and a yo yo granny in progress. The project I most want to get to sooner than later is something crocheted with plastic bag yarn aka plarn for those who haven't heard the term yet (it was new to me a few months ago). Finally decided on a method for cutting them into strips and THEN got sidetracked on an old sheet that has a tear in it and decided it MUST be recycled too! So now that's in the process of being readied to 'strip' for a project (though I haven't a clue what I'll make with it yet).

Oh and also I'm on the hunt for a crocheted shopping bag pattern that is big buttttttttttttttt big horizontally, not vertically ie. will expand more sideways than lengthwise. So far no luck - perhaps there is no such thing?

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