Monday, January 19, 2009

Dig it up !

If all you're doing is watching the news, you are missing the markers for what's coming to this country very soon. Our news outlets are very carefully monitored re: what they air. If we are told the truth before it's deemed we 'need to know', a panic would be difficult to control. There are alot of things being done/prepared under the 'umbrella' of terrorism, presumably of the foreign kind. But did you know, under the Patriot Act, anyone can be arbitrarily suspected of terrorism and all the individual rights we've been accustomed to become void, in those circumstances ie. you have no rights and there is no provision for accountability required by the government acting on it's 'suspicion' ?

Watch this case as it develops and note the level of authority exerted:
It should be interesting since the majority have no clue this kind of action is allowable under the Patriot Act, by Executive Order or Homeland Security Dept. directives.

And watch where our troops are stationed at home, as they return. Civil unrest is happening around the globe and increasing by the day from the global financial crisis. With more people out of jobs, unable to find new ones and losing their homes there will be many more going hungry here. More businesses, big and small, going out of business means more jobs lost and less goods to choose from. Soon you may not be able to communicate with loved ones as they disappear into the void of this global economic disaster. What plans have you made ? Hungry people will do most anything to survive and the more of the 'hungry us', the more threat of violence becomes more than just an idea. Then we will all experience less freedom than we have known in our past life in the USA.

So dig up the news that isn't being reported in the mainstream and read, so you aren't caught completely unaware. The next 90 days should be very interesting and revealing ie. what we can expect in the way of returning to the 'good 'ol days'. I'm not holding my breath. Bush/Cheney and gang left a mess leaving the new administration with few options.

Tidbit: non electric:
if you've canned foods and lost your heat, the canned goods aren't viable if they've frozen

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