Tuesday, July 7, 2009

'It's in the air' but what's the message ?

Something has been disturbing my solar plexis aka 'early warning system'. As a result, I've been more aware than usual to anything I sense as unusual. So: it's too quiet; been too quiet for several months now. The sounds of nature are different, subdued or nonexistent at times. Now, slugs usually, being nocturnal, I'm seeing before dusk and while I didn't use to see them except when conditions are humid or wet, those behavioral criteria don't seem to matter to them, currently. The birds singing is out of step or none to be heard (aside from normal silent periods). Nature is too quiet regardless of the weather. When there is the sound of nature it isn't the normal 'song'. When nature is out of step with it's usual ways, what is it responding to that we humans don't sense, other than, maybe, through our 'extra-sensory' ? Something is hanging in the air affecting natural behaviors; a kind of anticipation. What is it saying ?

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  1. I basically grew up in San Francisco and when this shift you described happened out there, it was accompanied by a change of atmosphere (the air became extremely dense). We used to say it was earthquake weather and some of us could actually predict them within a time frame of a day or so. Scientists poopoo this but last year, right here in Chicago, I got the same sense and the next day, we had a shaker. Keep alert.


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