Friday, October 23, 2009

Migrations Of The Brown Recluse

Someone I know in northern Ohio bitten by a brown recluse spider - luckily her husband caught a few of them, stuck them in a jar to take to the hospital since the Dr. kept insisting brown recluses are a southern bug - they are NOT native that far north ie. warmer climate spider - seen by game wardens in ohio at times moving en masse - my son nearly lost his leg, and has horrible scarring with some muscle missing, from a bite of this spider - keep the info in the back of your mind - weather is weird and some bugs are migrating it appears - nasty spider with a nasty bite - might want to look them up for more info if you live in area where generally not seen - like any spider, they don't much care if they live inside or out but colder weather in the north may coax them inside


  1. Hi Kiki
    I actually was bit this summer by a spider and looking up spiders, brown recluses are thought to be common all over the U.S. I used a drawing lotion called Prids and alternated that with calendula and the swelling went down in a few hours. It was an average spider bite to me (they bite me alot). My husband got bit while I wasn't with him and he came home festering. The locals said it was brown recluses in both cases. The thought is that some people react worse than others to venom so maybe your son was more sensitive than us. Keep drawing lotion in your first aid kit. Prids is the best but castor oil is another one as is bloodroot.

  2. I had no idea they are thought to be common throughout the states; the one report i saw out of ohio said the local park warden said they had never seen them before but were now seeing them moving in mass concert ! thank you for the recommendations for treatment: Prids i haven't heard of but will definitely look for it - i do have bloodroot on hand and castor oil, of course.....ack i hated when that grandma held spoon, full of castor oil, came toward my mouth, twice EVERY year !


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