Monday, November 2, 2009


There is so much I don't speak, of what I see. Why ? Well, I suppose lots of people have different reasons for quietly going along and not speaking. Mine, at this point, is: I've already said it, time and again. What is the point in continuing ?

And, selfishly, I'm attempting to prepare myself for the horrific sights I'll witness as more people are hungry and will no longer be able to live at the level of integrity they are used to and may unsuccessfully strive to maintain, if they intend to survive.

I used to enjoy the sounds of silence. Now my own haunts me, at times.

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  1. Oh Kiki
    Me too! I try to come out and talk now and then but what is left to say? I'm watching society collapse around me and I feel like I'm witnessing a terminal cancer eat away at a loved one.


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