Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What are the statistics on false hope?

All around me I hear people expecting a miracle to extricate us from the economic repercussions coming our way; more people than not turning a blind eye and mind from the coming hardships; refusing to prepare, as if doing so, will lend credence to the inevitability. So instead of holding hope of survival in the hands of their own preparations, they'd rather wring them and hold onto false hope, doing virtually nothing to ensure their best chances. And then there is the group still looking through rose colored glasses, keeping in mind something 'bad' is happening but 'if you pray all will be well'. The fewer prepared the more the likelihood of so much civil unrest the government will have no other choice but to declare a National/or FEMA style emergency, in the hope of holding a deteriorating nation together. Please do yourselves a favor and learn how to build a fire; you may need the skill in coming times.

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