Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ready or not; here it comes:

When I posted elsewhere, I’d realized I needed to spend some time quieting my inner self and adapting my mind and emotions, I thought I was addressing a need to ‘ready’ myself for the coming change in the landscape of this country/this world. True, but not in the way I thought. Imagine my surprise when I found, instead, a grieving already in process and gave myself to understanding it. Grieving for my country on its deathbed, as I’ve known it; grieving for those who are unawakened for whatever reason; grieving for my children and the hardship they will face through more years than I have left to live. All of it; yes the anger too. I realized looking back over the time since I originally discovered, the stages of grief I have already passed through, where I am now and what I have left to do. If I can get well into stage 7 before TSHTF the more able I’ll be when it does.

Grieving is something we all have to do alone, in large part, but there is comfort in sharing the experience with others that grieve or have grieved. (A special thank you to all who have helped by sharing your grief.) If we are to be ready to give what we have to share in the coming 'mainstreet' crisis, it is important to let go of as much grief as possible; it takes too much energy away from more immediate concerns and disables the griever from contribution to the community they 'belong' to. "Physician, heal thyself" would seem to apply here. We must all apply ourselves to the task of eliminating whatever grief lies fallow and unaddressed in each of us. Let it go and prepare.

All signs point to the 'bandaides' not staying on as financial 'fixers' past next spring; if they do, I'll be more than amazed.

Tidbit: on any given day, there is not more than 2 weeks worth of supplies on the shelves of local grocers............are you ready, should there be any disruption of continued supply in stores?............are you ready, should there be any disruption of energy supplied to your homes for heat and cooking etc. ?
title on the above link:
Impact of Credit Crisis on the Energy Industry - Where Are We Now?

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