Friday, April 17, 2009

Considerations not to be put off for another day:

A few things you can do now, aside from stocking up (which goes without saying). Get a dog; one the appropriate size for your living situation. They make lots of noise when you're home and someone may be thinking about breaking in to loot and possibly harm you. They are an effective alarm system and are great companionship. Yes, there are associated costs but the benefits far outweigh them. Having a cat doesn't hurt either. (Can be an outdoor cat.) They eat mice which could be an annoying problem in coming times. Mice like to eat through packaging to consume stored grain/edible goods. (If you don't want a cat, stock up on the old fashioned mouse traps and store all foodstuffs, in a cool place, in plastic mice proof containers.) And last but not least, make sure you have some kind of weapon in each room of your home for each adult in the household. The kitchen is no problem; generally, there are lots of things here from the kitchen knives to a heavy duty frying pan. Baseball bats are good too, if you have enough room to swing one, in a close encounter of the 'bad kind'. Take a self defense course. It might be a good idea to get as much stocking done now before hyperinflation sets in and the price points become impossible for anything but the absolute necessities.

Tidbit preps:

Get some old fashioned fly papers to hang and lots of fly swatters. Fly swatters are good for insects too. Old newspaper, folded and rolled will fill in nicely for fly swatters but newspaper may be hard to come by eventually.

Learn how to set up a few easy to do, noisy, booby traps for the weak, entry points of your home (windows, especially ground floor). Add an extra deadbolt to your doors, if you live in an apartment, and someone else has a master key for the regular doorknob lock. Learn to live in a state of awareness, even in your own home.

Think about teaming up for errands and shopping. It saves gas and adds an extra element of safety as opposed to wandering around alone. This is an important issue and will become more important as more services are cut back and more people are angry and desperate. Practice becoming more aware of your surroundings and who is near and/or approaching. Have an exit strategy planned ahead of time to avoid confrontations. Watch for anyone appearing to follow you home or someone loitering near the entry to your home while unloading purchases.

Learn how to make some wonderful, hearty, inexpensive soup and feed some hungry folks now and again. Just sharing the recipe along with the basic principles could save a few lives. (It's all in the bones !)

PS If you have a sliding glass door, make sure you have a bar to insert in the track when the door is closed and locked. (if you don't want to buy a bar, cut down the handle from an old broom to fit the space with no more than 1/2" opening between the end of the handle and the sliding glass door.)......................... and don't forget to get some old fashioned handkerchiefs; paper goods may eventually reach a premium in cost .

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