Thursday, April 9, 2009

Talking heads are amazing aren't they ?

I've been watching, learning and preparing since I last posted. Here is what I'm thinking:

It's truly amazing how long the troubled economy has been propped up thus far. Like hot air spewing forth from the earth in geyser form, TPTB keep pumping it up on falsehoods, skewed statistics and the masses have no clue what to do about it or haven't yet awakened from their sorry slumber. Sooner or later, floating the economy precariously atop a mountain of hot air, and freshly printed dollars, won't work anymore. How long can the picture be made to look as though something 'good' will happen in the short term ? I say: just until everything is in place to defend the ruling elite from the angry masses, when the economic avalanche reaches the front doors of 80% of the American population and there are so many with no roof over their heads and no means with which to continue filling their heads with propaganda. (Well, I suppose, the homeless camps could install PA systems to keep everyone 'updated'.) When will that be ? That would be when more people lose jobs, go on unemployment, the current unemployed find no jobs but run out of unemployment benefits and the newly unemployed run out of theirs. There will be a tipping point as the cycle continues. When hyperinflation arrives, hits the food prices and bellies go empty, watch out. This depression will be much worse than the 1929 - beginning of WW2. Why ? Because there is generational 'selfism' well in place; it's in the bones. It's all about the 'I' with little left over for others/community. And sharing for the purpose of safe community will be a difficult, if not an impossible transition for many. None of it bodes well for survival of all. Perhaps 40% will make it through alive. That's not terribly optimistic, is it? Well, remember in 1929 people still knew how to survive, doing without alot of what we are used to today. They had their own wells, gardening skills, knowledge of pre-industrial living and savings. Some still hadn't torn down their outhouses yet. Today, we live in a precariously built civilization. What would you do without the electricity that brings water to your home, powers your gadgets, and lights your nights ? What would you do if your means of communication is no longer available ? Do you have a plan in place for emergency meeting up with your loved ones ? Satellites have a bit of trouble with solar flares if no one closes the protective shields in time or hasn't the time needed to close them. The power grid is old and susceptible to cyber attack, natural cause shutdown of regions, large or small. Alternate means of transportation: do you have something planned or purchased when gasoline is beyond your budget and/or means ? Believe the talking heads and don't prepare at your own peril. A word to the wise.

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