Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Sneaking Up On You: Prepare !

Largest Issue: world population - nearly 7 billion on a planet with resources that will support only 8 billion - many must die, one way or another - watch for changes in attitudes from above toward the masses ie. less to no regard for life (remember, actions speak louder than words) - don't expect your civil liberties to be respected. Prepare emotionally !

Next big financial issue: derivatives bubble will probably pop this fall - at present, China is not buying long term US govt bonds - they have a concern US govt may fail - keep some cash at home in case of 'bank holiday'.

Food: grain shortages/crisis due to 'rust' disease, spreading fast - US has no wheat reserves, among other things such as cheese - container shipping is down 30% - trucking down 30% - prepare for food shortages and hyper-inflation

If there is a big flu hit starting this fall, it will complicate things significantly.

It's right around the corner folks - brace for turmoil and chaos within the next year. If you have thought about doubling up on living space with others, do it now and again: prepare emotionally !

****Please don't sacrifice your ethics and values. How you conduct yourself during turbulent times, is a reflection of who you are and what you stand for.

Tidbit: clove oil, applied with a q-tip on a painful tooth relieves pain - if you can, learn how to pull a diseased and continually painful tooth in the event there is no dentist available to you

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