Thursday, October 8, 2009

Now This Is A Serious Rant !

I don't know these fellows but wow, what a rant ! I can't argue with their facts, can you ? Gotta dig for the truth, if you want it:

Around here, the aisles in stores have become much wider, with less merchandise; small business owners are still smiling but their stress is showing; workers and shoppers aren't smiling much anymore. The fabric is ripping; do you hear the sounds ?


  1. Hi
    I was just at the shop and my daughter was looking for a cake mix. She said, "Wow! They have condensed everything!Look!" Sure enough the shelves had far less product than they used to but they had gone to the trouble of rearranging shelves to make them look full. They moved their products around from differant isles fore example and placed them closer toghether. And you are right, the isles are wider! Very tricky, no?

  2. i guess it gives the managers a chance to show off what they've learned re: laying out the product to encourage sales

    we are seeing the same thing here - a local big box was giving free coupons here, so i scooted over to see what was on sale, i might be interested in and what i found was remarkable: every row of foods had wide empty spaces - the impact was more immediate since they don't reorg and change row spacing as do the grocers, for example

    yesterday on the news it was reported, 1 out of 6 people in america are hungry - i never thought i would see that here but here we are ! i think it might be time to give $2 classes, hands on/over two days, on how to make 'scrap soup' - everyone goes home with a quart - what do you think ?


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