Saturday, September 27, 2008

We know not the misery that marches toward us

Well this would seem a good time to speak more directly to what's coming since so many are still 'asleep'.

I'm afraid there are way too many people who don't know what the meltdown in the markets really means to us. They don't even have the advantage of watching it develop over the past 9 years, understanding what they were seeing and preparing themselves mentally and emotionally, let alone tangible preps. I've talked about it, been looked at askance, been called a conspiracy theorist, an alarmist and generally flicked aside like an annoying fly. What will happen to those I love that refused to hear? I don't know and many of them are too far away for me to help when things get really tough. Their survival skills, few. Some have heard and have done their homework so all was not useless noise I uttered into many an ear. Some consolation I suppose. For those that want to do what they can now, read: and do what you can, while you can.

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  1. Hi, I just tried to post once and don't know if it went through. I wanted to check your blog out. You're doing good so far! Thanks for the link too. Funny how long everything that is being said now has been said for a long time.


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