Saturday, September 20, 2008

Simmering September

I think my creative mind is in simmer mode and ready to break out with free form crochet in granny square format for some swap partners in colors of their choice; should be lots of fun and satisfying for my artistic urge too :-)

Today was Joanns Fabric day for the yarn needed to make a rasta hat for my little 2nd grade friend - colors: green, yellow, orange and red ! the design is one of Teresa Richardsons and lovely !

I requested some yarn on my local recycle for the donation projects I have going and someone gifted me with nearly 100 skeins of unused yarn! Heaven shone down on me that day and now I'm working on donation squares, more with angels in the middle and some I have planned with bears and dolphins; others, traditional patterns. Continuing the fingerless gloves for the homeless and am aiming for 100 pr for our local homeless shelter in various sizes, including childrens sized gloves. This week I plan to play with the pattern a bit with different weight yarns and hooks. Some new pics will be posted later today on my flicker album and in ravelry for anyone who would like a look see. <>

And the organizing project continues at a grueling pace. arghhhhhh Slow but sure; once the paper stuff is done the rest should be a cinch ! I think it's nearly done but with so much paper everywhere in different piles it's hard to tell! It will be sooooooo nice not to have so much stuff bursting out all over. My grandfather would have called my closets 'fibbermagee' closets ie. open the door and take your chances on everything falling out on the head of the hapless person daring to do such a thing lolol There is less overall stuff already since one of my sisters came by and picked up alot of things I thought she and hers would enjoy ie. holiday decorations, some ceramic items (fountain, angel etc), old family things and oodles of photos, so already progress can be noted (except for the paper stuff that's driving me crazy lololol). I still haven't even started on the bedroom storage hide-a-ways yet ! (at least there's no paper stuff in there lolol)

And line dance classes are just so much fun and great exercise too. The music for most of the dances does something nourishing to the soul and it calls you to move to it so having the option of learning the associated line dance is fantastic since this old dog has trouble learning new
tricks ! :-) Of course, it's a great counter balance for all the seated crochet and computer cruising I do :-) Luckily I have a girlfriend I see a couple times a week for extra practice sooooo that takes care of the 3 X's a week exercise recommended by the Dr !

Ok off to upload some new pics. I'm actually in a contest with one of my friends for who gets their pics posted first! ahem Brenda did i win yet? lolol

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