Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Call for Action Part II

Silent Americans: it's time to speak. The voices of many are loud. One voice alone isn't.

It would be nice to see a movement of predominantly small actions such as accompanying ‘endangered’ races (isn’t that all of us?) on outings at night when the hate mongers, under cover of darkness are the most dangerous and treacherous, as well as letting it be known we don’t condone, nor will we stand idly by when we see a hate exchange taking place, at any level. It means speaking up, standing with, and stepping in. Really, it doesn’t require a lot of courage; it only takes knowing what is right and proudly demonstrating that belief.

I don’t even want to think about what the hate groups are saying, thinking, planning today. It is imperative this message go out loud and clear so we can show this minority the rest of us are organizing and in no uncertain terms, not only out number them but we will not stand for, nor do we agree with their hate based actions. They work in the dark and count on no one knowing who committed their abhorrent deeds.

We must be prepared to act and soon. Otherwise, they and our ongoing silence will continue to divide us and perpetuate the racial divides. Just as each of our votes spoke volumes so will the small actions of speaking up, standing with and stepping in. What we do and say can mean the world to someone and to our future as Americans. Pass it forward ! Do something today ! When we go to bed tonight who of us can say: 'I spoke up, I stood with or I stepped in?'

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  1. Appreciating and embracing diversity helps to promote peace. Cross-cultural understanding is the key to building peace. Really listen, without giving unsolicited advice. The validation of being heard is often more important than solving the problem.


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