Friday, November 21, 2008

Saddling up for the ride !

Ok I have finally gotten some boxes to start the packing and have emptied 4 plastic bins of yarn for the packing of less sturdy items. Since most of the sorting has been done, the packing is just a tedious business but ultimately doesn't take as long as said sorting. The culling will begin when I have all my personal things in one place. Then I can start allocating to whom they will go, assuming the recipients want them ! lol Can't take it all with me so this is the best option. Otherwise, lots will be donated to needy facilities or I have 1 sister who responded with a loud 'yes, I'll take whatever you can't 'carry with you' or 'nobody else wants'. She is special :-) ..........No response yet from anyone else.
I've also packed my backpack with herbs, so that's done and ready to go. The rest is on the 'to do list' and I should have plenty of time over the long Thanksgiving weekend to get the rest done. Hopefully, anyway ! I'll know more specifically the 'depart' date next week sometime so things are coming together slowly, but surely. Hi! Ho! Silver !

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