Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Call for Action

There is a community near where I live that had an incident of prejudice against a Jewish member of the community. The housing community in which they live is mostly Christian. The community, as a whole, went out and purchased menorahs, set them in their windows and lit them, showing their abhorrence of the hate driven action taken against this family. The recipients of this action were not left wondering which members of their community wanted them dead.

We may need more of this kind of action and more active participation against the actions of similar hate groups, in lieu of the historic election of our first African American President. Let us join together in finding out how we can help snuff out this hatred and let our non prejudice shine instead of quietly peeking out from behind the curtain of safety.

Talk to your neighbors, friends, family, strangers and devise a plan. It is time for unity and standing with our fellow man against hatred and prejudice. Stand up and be counted !

If you agree and have the courage to act , please pass this on; and for Gods sake begin to speak your views to others outside your race !

one white american wondering who else feels the same way
I would love to hear from you


  1. Kiki's Corner: A Call for Action!

    You say
    Comments are welcome!

    Okay, here's my comment, let's see how welcome it is. [Copies to FTW blog, and SQSwans Practicing Radical Hon(our)sty blog]

    Interesting Synchronicity!

    I knew the 'owner' of FTW blog, years before he had a blog, or a blog following; then he appreciated my blunt honesty. Then he started getting a following, a fanclub, whom he could apply his Daddyism onto, whom would bestow endless sycophancy on him with posts such as "i'm grateful, i don't have to read a lot of disinformation or purposeless rants here" (excerpt) and this would make him feel so important, like he was their big protector; and these self same people never for one minute observed their hypocrisy, contributing to his missery.

    How? These support him to criticise the Federal Gov. from the President on down, for??? LACK OF TRANSPARENCY, FOR FAILURE TO FULL DISCLOSURE.

    And yet, when it comes to a little blog, with minor little comments, others might feel a little offended by, they support SECRECY, CENSORSHIP AND FAILURE TO DISCLOSURE.

    And then one may wonder, what fellows sitting at the NSA and CIA think about all this? Hmmmmmmm. 'Got the keys to the Forestry offices, send him and his two-faced little disclosure fascists pharisees a little message'? Perhaps? Is it possible?

    So, now moving on to yourself Ms. Kiki:

    Interesting how you only perceive others actions as hatred and prejudice..., not your own?

    Your own actions, silencing an idea that you are uncomfortable with seriously cognitively considering as plausible or further exploring with the person, to understand whether perhaps they HAVE JUSTIFICATION FOR THEIR ACTIONS, no this you are not interested in?

    Do you hate other people's ideas so much, that it's not enough that you can just ignore them, and tolerate them, but that you support that those you HATE, with your PREJUDICE, have to be CENSORED? This before you even know what the ideas are, without any enquiry into whether they have any justification? Considering that I consider your ideas increbidly boring, should I petition FTW to censor them, for their quality of boredom disinformation? Of course not!! I tolerate them or ignore them.

    At FTW, you said: "thank you Jenna for taking the time to keep this a great place to share ideas"

    I'll leave you with the following ideas Kiki:

    “An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.”
    -Oscar Wilde

    Your definition of 'ideas' appear to be only 'ideas' that you consider politically correct, according to your brainwashed mind. Any REAL IDEA, dangerous enough that may get you to question any of your fundamental assumptions, you would prefer moderators to protect you from!

    As your moderator and protector of anything remotely resembling a real idea to challenge FTW visitors thinking; Jenna performs the following function:
    “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”
    -Joseph Stalin

    She does this rather well, with excellent passive aggressive two-faced politically correct language, devoid of honour; for numerous reasons, she couldn't bother to contemplate and definitely not to be transparent about.
    But since these ideas herewith shared, are undoubtedly ideas that may challenge you to question your map of FTW, Jenna, the world, your big picture worldview; your paradigm of the world... I shall leave out these, since clearly these would be DANGEROUS IDEAS, AND PERHAPS EVERY IDEA THAT IS DANGEROUS TO YOU, YOU CONVENIENTLY LUMP INTO THE FILE KNOWN AS 'HATE' OR 'PREJUDICE'?

    “One of the greatest pains to human nature is the pain of a new idea”
    -Walter Bagehot (1826-1877)

  2. Andrea, the FTW blog is not a blog that invites unmoderated posts; that is the right of any blog owner (some blogs don't even accept comments). When I post there it is with the understanding, if my post is not suitable for whatever reason, it is at the discretion of the blog owner whether my comment is accepted or not.

    I said what I meant; you are free to interpret my words in whatever way suits your way of thinking.

  3. Andrea, can you please explain how you determined from reading Kiki's post that she is prejudice?? It seems to me that your post is redundant and it serves no grammatical or rhetorical purpose in ref to what she is stating... I'm lost


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