Monday, November 10, 2008

A Call for Action Part III

Ok so you’ve read Part I and Part II. When you read them did you nod your head in agreement ? Did you hit your email compose button and pass it on? Did you think of at least one person of a different ethnicity and commit to having a conversation with them about the subject of these missives? Agreement without action is pretty much the status quo; what’s been going on for years. The majority in it’s silence have allowed the ethnic divides to remain brewing in the background, snaking themselves in, out and around every corner of our national community, while many insist racism doesn’t exist. It’s time to make some noise, take action, let it be known we stand by and for each other. Have you imagined a few instances that could happen and thought about what you may say or do?

It is a good time for celebration; as a nation we have crossed a barrier and taken a huge step toward moving forward toward true equality and creating real community. You know, where all are considered brothers and sisters to one another. But in your joy, I would ask you take a moment to think about the hate groups that have been, for the most part, quiet for many years. Last tuesdays hallmark in American history has the potential to bring them out of the woodwork and if they can’t get to our new President they may, in their cowardly way, target the race. If we don’t have the courage to speak up, stand with and/or step in, the minority hate mongers will succeed. It’s up to us. If you agree and have the courage please take some kind of action and at least prepare yourselves if someone needs you. Will it be courage or the status quo? It’s our choice.

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  1. Do something....In the face of hatred, apathy will be interpreted as acceptance—by the haters, the public, worse.... the victim. Decency must be exercised, if it isn’t, hate invariably persists. Look into issues that divide us, economic inequality, immigration, homosexuality. Work against discrimination in communities, employment, and education. Look inside yourself for prejudices and stereotypes as well.


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